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IP Site Connect


If your business needs to communicate across dispersed geographical locations, across a large area with physical barriers or have seamless coverage within a high-rise building? IP Site Connect enables you to extend the reach of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system to do just that.


  • Network up to 15 repeaters
  • Share voice and data across geographically dispersed facilities
  • Seamlessly roam from site to site with no manual intervention or interruption, creating a contiguouscoverage area
  • Eliminate the impact of many common physical barriers, such as tall buildings or mountains, by networking users together through an IP connection
  • Utilize new MOTOTRBO radios, repeaters and data applications—or existing MOTOTRBO equipment via software upgrade
  • Communicate on site and over a wide area from the same repeater
  • Monitor and manage your system via repeater diagnostics and control utility

Cross-connect across the globe.

A key feature of IP Site Connect is the ability to automatically connect MOTOTRBO users utilizing different frequency bands, broadening the scope of your two-way communication capabilities. So whether they’re residing on VHF or UHF, or in another city, state or continent, MOTOTRBO enables users at disperse geographical locations to communicate at the push of a button.