Industry Application


TrboCarE is a PC based application which provides an integrated radio dispatch management solution that works seamlessly with MOTOTRBO™ platform. TrboCarE provides unique solutions for enhanced diverse communication needs. With the customized development functions, TrboCarE allows calibration of customer-supplied maps for location tracking via GPS (Global Positioning Service) and Radio phone patching with ROIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) Gateway technology.



TrboTRACKER is an indoor Tracking System using the map of the designated indoor areas allowing user or control centre to quickly identify the location and time of the users

TrboGPS periodically send out the location information and sepport maps from MapInfo, Google Map and opther maps in any picture format with multi-layer capability for zoom-in views.

TrboTELE allows telemetry Services which inlcudes monitoring activities, Trigging Activities

TrboVOICE enables direct radio call from PC radio with the ability of making group/private calls coupled with the function of playback

TrboTEXT allows sending accurate details of the on call: Outgoing and Incoming Messages recorded

TrboMAIL allows sending of email from PC, Text Messaging, User Identification. Also allows playback and duration of the conversation

TrboLOG with ine channel connection allows Voice and Data Recording which includes information such as, User Identification, Duration and playback of the conversation

TrboHoTSOS sends instant notification for job orders, suitable for indoor and outdoor coverage. Responders can accept, decline, start, sto, & complete orders from radio