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TCE RoIP System


With the propagation of Internet and wireless technology, Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) technology has revolutionized radio network operations, allowing radio communication to be delivered  via the internet or private network.
This means that radio networks located in different geographical regions can stay connected via RoIP.   


Advantages of RoIP System

Extend Radio Coverage      
Allows radio communication to reach any   distance with internet or wireless networks

Cost Effective Solution      
Cut costs by cutting out the costly and cumbersome repeater links with TCE RoIP Gateway
•Minimal Installation      •Minimal maintenance required

Overcome  Radio Generation Gaps
Connecting radio systems that operates on different platforms
E.g. : Digital radio to analog radios – MOTOTRBO to GP328 , etc.

Overcome Geographical Barriers
Bridge radio networks located in different   geographical areas/regions via the internet.
Allows remote access to the radio networks across different geographical regions

Bridge Radio Networks of Different Frequency Bands  
Connecting radio networks operating on different frequency bands
E.g. : Marine VHF radios to Airband radios; HF radios to VHF radios, etc.

Cross-linking Radio Networks of Different Systems
For instance, linking Analog Conventional system with Trunking System (Analog System with TETRA/ iDEN etc)

TCE RoIP System

Bridge networks across frequency band   

Integrate the radio networks operating with different frequencies.

Example : Marine VHF radios to Airband radios;UHF radios to VHF radios, etc.

Integrate radio networks operating in different protocol.

Example : Digital radio to analog radios – Mototrbo to GP328 , etc.

Integrate radio networks operating in  different modes.

Example: Conventional system to trunking system – GP328 to Iden, etc.