TrboProtect is an extended warranty program for MOTOTRBO Professional Digital radios purchased from TCE.  It is a Service Product that can be purchased along with radios, or can log separately after point of sale. This extended warranty program features a direct FIVE years Service Entitlement with enhanced cycle time committed. TrboProtect is affordable and economically priced to allow users to benefit from this program.

Service Comparision at a glance

^Excluding Accidental Damages, Batteries and Accessories.

*Turnaround time is defined as the amount of time taken to repair a device from the date it is received on the  repair floor to the date it is shipped back to the customer. It does not include time in transit.
Apply to Business day.

  • Hassle Free – No post warranty maintenance worries
  • Investment protection & risk management
  • Protect Uptime – No dispute of equipment failures
  • Easy, Fast & Reliable Service at a fixed cost
Industry Application