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Handheld radios (dual band) – VX 3R


 View BrochureUltra-compact handheld FM transceiver


The new ultra-compact VX-3R 2m/70cm FM HT Transceiver is loaded with convenience features. In additon to top quality performance on the 2m and 70cm, you will also be able to enjoy stereo FM and improved AM broadcast band reception with our new Internal Bar Antenna.
And “When All Else Fails” and local power service is not available to power your charger, you can now operate using “AA” batteries with our optional battery case.

Features and benefits

See “Specifications” under the “Files” tab at the top of the VX-3R Main Page.
Ultra-compact and Light Weight
1.9″ X 3.2″ X .9″
4.6 ounces
Rugged Construction
Tough where it counts – Aluminum Die-Cast Chassis
Plenty of Power Output in a Compact Package
1.5 W (@ 4.5 V AA x 3 or 3.7 V FNB-82LI 144 MHz)
3 W (@ 6 V or EXT DC 144 MHz)
1 W (@4.5 V AA x 3 or 3.7 V FNB-82LI 430 MHz)
2 W (@ 6 V or EXT DC 430 MHz)
Low 0.1 W (@ 4.5 V AA x 3 or 3.7 V FNB-82LI)
Low 0.3 W (@ 6 V or EXT DC)
Supplied with Tiny Super-thin, Lithium-ion High-Capacity Battery and Charger
Long life in a quality battery for extended usage
Operate with AA Batteries with Optional Battery Case
Requires Optional FBA-37 Battery Case. When traditional local power service is not available to power your battery charger, this feature insures continued operation using readily available “AA” batteries.
Internal Bar Antenna for AM Broadcast Band Reception
Improved AM Broadcast Band reception for your entertainment
Designated Earphone Jack for FM Stereo Broadcast Listening
Makes the VX-3R a useful receiver far beyond it’s Amateur Radio applications
Listen to AM or FM Broadcast while Monitoring an Amateur Frequency
Sub RX feature allows you to listen to your favorite AM or FM Stereo Broadcast station while monitoring an Amateur Radio frequency…AT THE SAME TIME!
Wide-band Receiver Coverage
Extremely wide receiver coverage – see “Specifications”
Special Memory Banks – WX, VHF Marine, Shortwave Broadcast
The VX-3R has special memory bands programmed with WX broadcast, VHF Marine, and world-wide short-wave broadcast stations
Huge 1000-channel Memory Capacity
Plenty of memory space for ALL of your favorite frequencies
New Mechanical Dial Lock Function
No more “bumps” off your desired channel – lock it and keep it.
Equipped for Worldwide Internet Linking
Talk Around the World using Yaesu WIRES II Internet Linking!
Go to the Yaesu website front page, www.yaesu.com , click on “Products”, and then click on “WIRES” for more information on this exciting communications opportunity
CW Learning and Training Feature
CW (Morse Code) licensing requirements have been removed by the FCC. However, all of those HF, VHF, and UHF Morse code designated frequencies are still there with loads of weak signal DX just waiting for you. Consider learning the Morse code – we will help you experience the excitment of working the World on CW with our VX-3R CW Learning and Training feature