Industry Application


Need walkie talkie rentals for your event needs?

At TCE, we offers on-time delivery in supplying Motorola walkie talkie coupled with great rental rates for products ranging from Commercial Tier and Analog Professional Radios, to Digital Tier Radios to suits your requirements.

For customers who do not require full purchase investment, TCE recognizes that walkie talkie Radio Rental helps to manage your capital expenditure and maintenance cost. By taking advantage of our economies of scale and therefore our extensive inventory of rental radios, we believed that we are the vendor you are seeking for Radio Rental.

We offer monthly, weekly, and even daily rates, as well as customer service, and technical support onsite or standby, for applications as follows:

  • Trade shows and Conventions;
  •  Parade, Fairs or Festivals;
  • Concerts and Entertainment;
  • Petrochemical Refinery maintenance shutdown or turnarounds;
  • School and Church outings;
  • Security Operations;
  • Transportation / Travel services;
  • Golf Tournaments;
  • Athletic or Sporting Events

If your company is organizing any of applications and considering radio rentals, TCE is here to assist. Just contact our rental specialist to discuss your requirements and find the best solution to fit your needs.