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XiR P8600 Ex Series Accessories


From the drilling platform to the oil refinery, you deal with extremes – flammable gases, combustible dust, high-decibel noise and other hazards. Most accessories can’t take the punishment or perform under the pressure. That’s why it is critical to use the only ATEX accessories designed to withstand the perils and work with Motorola portables.

Our comprehensive portfolio of ATEX accessory solutions is the only one certified to work with our XiR P8600 Ex

Series radios to ensure a complete ATEX-certified solution.

From the heavy-duty headset with boom microphone you can wear with a hard hat, to the remote speaker microphone with IMPRES™ audio that provides exceptional audio quality so your voice comes through loud and clear, our ATEX accessories are a must-have for loud, dusty, potentially explosive environments, rugged conditions and hands-free operation.

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