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SL1K Accessories


SL1K accessories enhance your professionalism – with forward-thinking features like integrated Bluetooth and Intelligent Audio – so you can remaster your productivity and image. That’s why it’s critical to choose the only accessories certified to perform the best with MOTOTRBO radios.



Enhance Mobility with Integrated Bluetooth
Whether hotel staff is responding to guest requests or a security team is covering a special event, sharing information instantly,easily and seamlessly is critical to your business. So MOTOTRBO comes with embedded Bluetooth audio right in the radios to make communications even more convenient.

Move from Hectic to Hushed
Our SL1K radio offers a smart feature – Intelligent Audio – that adjusts radio volume to fit the environment’s noise level.Connect an SL1K accessory and the Intelligent Audio automatically adjusts radio volume and filters out background noise, drastically improving the level of audio clarity.

Talk Comfortably and Covertly
Our single-wire swivel earpiece and surveillance earpiece are small,sleek and powerfulm, so your employees can communicate easily wherever they walk and talk.

Thin is in – From Batteries to Chargers
From the standard cell phone sized batteries to the micro-USB charger that plugs directly in the wall, we designed our SL series accesories with portability, professionalism and convenience as our top priorities. Both the standard and high-capacity batteries are so slim and light weight that it’s easy to carry spares.

Bluetooth Wireless Accessories

NNTN8189* Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece with 12” cable. This Bluetooth® kit does not come with a charger,order the suitable Micro USB charger separately.

PMPN4007A Charger, Micro USB (AU/NZ)

PMPN4006A Charger, Micro USB (EU/UK)

PMPN4008A Charger, Micro USB (PRC)

PMPN4015A Charger, Micro USB (KOREA)

Earpiece Accessories

PMLN5958** Swivel earpiece with in-line microphone and PTT

PMLN5957** Single-wire Surveillance earpiece with translucent tube, in-line microphone and PTT (black)

Batteries and Chargers

HKNN4013 Li-Ion 1800 mAh High Capacity Battery

PMNN4425 Li-Ion 1400 mAh Battery

PMLN6000 Replacement Battery Cover (standard battery)

PMLN6001 Replacement Battery Cover (high-capacity battery)

PMPN4007A Charger, Micro USB (AU/NZ)

PMPN4006A Charger, Micro USB (EU/UK)

PMPN4008A Charger, Micro USB (PRC)

PMPN4015A Charger, Micro USB (KOREA)

PMLN5916A Charger, MUC (NA Plug)

PMLN5917A Charger, MUC EU Plug)

PMLN5918A Charger, MUC (UK Plug)

PMLN5919A Charger, MUC (China Plug)

PMLN5954A Charger, MUC (AU/NZ Plug)

PMLN5951A Charger, MUC (Korea Plug)

 Carry Accessories

PMLN6074 Nylon Wrist Strap

PMLN5956 Swivel Carry Holder


PMAE4078 UHF Antenna Kit (403-425 MHz)

PMAE4076 UHF Antenna Kit (420-445 MHz)

PMAE4077 UHF Antenna Kit (438-470 MHz)

PMLN6040*** Antenna Mounting Kit

(Pack of 10 screws and plugs)


25-124330-01R Programming Cable (Micro USB connector)