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RTP-0200 Radio Phone Patch


The seamlessly links between landline or mobile phones with two-way radios provide an opportunity for employees who don’t need to carry a two-way radio but is still able to communicate to radio users

The whole solution uses a simplex mode of communication for simple operational usage, where the line for a landline or mobile phone user is always “open”. When radio users need to speak, they simply press the push-to-talk (PTT) button on their radio. Once done speaking, the radio user releases the PPT to hear the landline or mobile phone user’s reply.


Features of Radio Phone Patch RTP-0100

  • Provide a simplex voice communication between a radio user and a phone user
  • Built-in DTMF decode for automatic dial up and patching the radio to phone user
  • Built-in IVR
  • IP base configuration software.
  • Access code range: 1 – 6 digits

Working with MOTOTRBO Repeater ( R01.08 ) Requirements

•MOTOTRBO Repeater Digit Phone Patch Feature
•Must support MOTOTRBO Digit Phone Patch dialing plan
•MOTOTRBO Repeater (R01.08)
•TCE Radio Phone Patch RTP-0100
•Require a PSTN line or PABX Analog line

Working with MOTOTRBO Mobile ( R01.07 )


•MOTOTRBO mobile radio (R01.07) or Motorola GM Mobile radio
•TCE Radio Phone Patch RTP-0100
•Require a PSTN line or PABX Analog line

Dimension Dimension in (mm): 180(W) x 37(H) x 94(D) Weight (gm): 515