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Remote Speaker Microphones/Public Safety Microphones

A range of robust Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM) and audio accessories are engineered to give you clearer communications even in loud environments. All RSM are built with top quality materials to survive tough working environments.



PMMN4025 – IMPRES Remote Microphone with 3.5mm Jack & Emergency Button (TIA4950 and FMIS)
PMMN4075 – Remote Speaker Microphone (IP57)
PMMN4076 – Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Jack


Windporting Remote Speaker Microphones
These remote speaker microphones boast a revolutionary windporting feature that helps lessen background noise from high winds and other severe weather conditions. Audio can pass through the speaker grill even when the microphone port is blocked by water. Now public safety professionals can be more confident than ever of clear, understandable communication when Mother Nature is uncooperative.

Coiled cord with new audio accessory connector allows talking and listening without removal from belt or case. Includes Push-to-Talk switch, swivel clip and quick disconnect latch.

  • PMMN4024 Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • PMMN4025 IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack and Emergency button
  • PMMN4040 Remote Speaker Microphone Submersible.
  • PMMN4046# IMPRES Remote Speaker Microphone with emergency button, two-position volume control and side option button. Submersible (IP57)

Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphones
Coiled cord and includes Push-to-Talk switch, swivel clip and quick disconnect latch.

  • PMMN4050# IMPRES Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack (IP54)

Windporting Public Safety Microphones
These windporting public safety microphones boast revolutionary features that allow the public safety professional to have clear and confident communication in the presence of high winds and other severe weather conditions.

The microphone with antenna enhances coverage and allows talking and listening without removing the portable radio from belt or case. Straight cord assembly in three different lengths. Includes Push-to-Talk switch, emergency button, three-position volume control, swivel clip and quick disconnect latch.

  • PMMN4041 IMPRES PSM with 3.5mm Audio Jack, 30-inch Cable (IP55)
  • PMMN4042 IMPRES PSM with 3.5mm Audio Jack, 24-inch Cable (IP55)
  • PMMN4043 IMPRES PSM with 3.5mm Audio Jack, 18-inch Cable (IP55)
  • PMMN4047# IMPRES PSM, Submersible (IP57), 30- inch Cable
  • PMMN4048# IMPRES PSM, Submersible (IP57), 24- inch Cable
  • PMMN4049# IMPRES PSM, Submersible (IP57), 18- inch Cable

Public Safety Microphone Antennas

  • PMAD4086 PSM VHF Antenna 150-174MHZ
  • PMAD4087 PSM VHF Antenna 136-153MHZ
  • PMAE4046 PSM UHF Stubby Antenna 403- 433MHz
  • PMAE4047 PSM UHF Stubby Antenna 430- 470MHz

RSM and PSM Accessories

An earphone jack located on certain microphone heads allows the user to receive audio discreetly when used with the following earpieces.

  • AARLN4885 Receive-Only Covered Earbud with Coiled Cord
  • RLN4941 Receive-Only Earpiece with Translucent Tube and Rubber Eartip
  • WADN4190 Receive-Only Flexible Earpiece
  • PMLN4620 D-Shell RSM Earpiece