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Microphones and Handsets




Standard Compact Microphone

Standard Compact Microphone provides basic Push-To-Talk functionality and ships with all MOTOTRBO mobile radios.

  • RMN5052 Standard Compact Microphone

IMPRES Keypad Microphone

IMPRES Keypad Microphone includes a full keypad that enables you to dial phone numbers from the microphone. Also has three customizable buttons that can be programmed with any of the control head features, allowing the user to navigate radio menus from the microphone.

  • RMN5065 IMPRES Keypad Microphone

IMPRES Heavy-Duty Microphone

Heavy-Duty Microphone for users who want more durability. Also ideal for those who need a larger microphone that is easier to handle when wearing gloves.

  • RMN5053 IMPRES Heavy-Duty Microphone
  • HLN9073 Microphone Hang-Up Clip
  • HLN9414 Universal Microphone Hang-Up Clip

IMPRES Telephone Style Handset

The Telephone Style Handset provides a convenient means of private communication through a push-to-talk (PTT) button, volume control and two programmable side buttons for additional functionality. The handset includes a hang-up cup and mounting hardware for use with the mobile radio.

  • HMN4098 IMPRES Telephone Style Handset

Hands Free Accessories

IMPRES Visor Microphone

Add even more convenience and safety with the IMPRES Visor Microphone and its compatible hands-free transmission options. Small microphone mounts to vehicle’s visor for convenient hands free radio operation. Use with choice of external Push-to-Talk switch.

  • RMN5054 IMPRES Visor Microphone

External PTT Accessories

  • RLN5926 Push button with Push-to-Talk – can be held in the hand, or mounted to the vehicle with touch fasteners
  • RLN5929 Foot Switch with Push-to-Talk – Mounts to floor of vehicle