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Linked Capacity Plus


Linked Capacity Plus is your cost-effective solution. Leveraging advanced repeater software, it is available in both single-site and wide-area configurations.
Whether crews need to talk to each other in the field or back at the office or they need to use data applications such as text messaging, location tracking or work order tickets, Linked Capacity Plus makes their work safer and their work day more productive.




MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus is a cost-effective, high-capacity, voice and data communication solution that:

  • expands coverage to more of your workers, wherever they work, with the push of a button
  • makes it possible to communicate across a wide area by linking single sites across an IP network
  • features such as transmit interrupt prioritize important communication exactly when it is needed, and emergency alerts enable workers to send notifications to a central location
  • supports up to six voice paths for systems with up to 15 sites and up to 12 voice paths for systems with three sites or less
  • allows up to six dedicated data paths per site, integrating voice with data applications such as GPS-enabled location services, text messaging, and telemetry on the same system
  • offers system-wide calling capability to communicate with all personnel at once
  • supports the MOTOTRBO Repeater Diagnostic and Control (RDAC) utility to help ensure the continuous performance of your system
  • integrates with existing MOTOTRBO systems via a simple software upgrade