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IMPRES™ Lightweight Headset


Ultra-Light Headset

This headset provides clear and handsfree two-way communication, while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended wear in moderate noise environments.

  • PMLN5102 Ultra-Light Headset with Boom Microphone & In-line PTT/VOX Switch

IMPRES Lightweight Headset

Lightweight headsets provide high-clarity, hands free, discreet two-way communication, while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended-wear in moderate noise environments.

  • RMN5058 IMPRES Lightweight Headset Single-Muff, Adjustable, with Boom Microphone, In-Line PTT Switch

IMPRES Temple Transducer

The Temple Transducer allows the user to receive audio without covering the ear. The receiver portion of this accessory rests on the temples and is capable of converting the input audio from a two-way radio into sound vibration. The sound vibration is transmitted through the surrounding human tissue and bone directly into the inner ear where it is received by the user. This allows the user to hear external sounds from both ears while receiving radio communications.

  • PMLN5101 IMPRES Temple Transducer