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Handheld radios (dual band) – VX 6R


The VX-6R is an ultra-rugged 144-430 MHz FM Hand-Held featuring wide receiver coverage, JIS7 submersibility, the Yaesu-exclusive Emergency Automatic Identification (EAI) system, and ultra-simple keyboard access to important features.

Features and benefits

Huge 900-channel Memory capacity with 24 Memory banks and 2 “Special memory groups”

Each of the 900 available memory channels may
be assigned an alpha-numeric “Tag” (label), for
quick identification of the channel. The 24 memory
banks may store up to 100 channels each, and a
channel may be assigned into multiple banks, if
desired. And you can assign an identification tag
to each memory bank.
3 Special memory banks
89 Shortwave Broadcast Channels, representing
many of the most popular broadcast stations in
the world, are pre-loaded and labeled at the
factory. You may change the contents of these
channels, to customize the channels for your
listening preferences.
•The U.S. version of the VX-6R/E includes ten NOAA
weather broadcast channels, and the VX-6R/E
can watch for the 1050-Hz “Severe Weather” alert,
warning you of the approach of dangerous weather
•280 Marine Channels are also pre-programmed
at the factory, letting you get in on all the maritime
action in your area!
Outdoor-ready Features including Waterproof
Rating, Emergency Automatic ID (EAI) system,
and Weather Sensor Capability
The VX-6R/E includes a host of features ideally
suited for use in the outdoor environment, especially
in search-and-rescue situations!
Weather sensor capability
The optional SU-1 Barometric Pressure Sensor
unit permits monitoring of sudden weather
changes by monitoring atmospheric pressure.
Although not designed for precise pressure
measurements, it can be a valuable tool for
alerting you to possibly dangerous
changes in
weather conditions.
Wide-band receiver coverage for catching all the action
In addition to full operation on the 144 and 430
MHz Amateur bands, the VX-6R/E provides a
wide range of monitoring excitement, thanks to
its receivers incredible frequency coverage of
504 kHz to 998.99 MHz. We recommend the use
of an external antenna for best performance on
particular bands of interest, such as Shortwave.
Cellular coverage is blocked and non-restorable.

Outstanding Power-Management Features

The new “Wake-Up” battery saver feature

provides unparalleled preservation of battery
current. With “Wake-Up” engaged, “WAKEUP”
will appear on the display but otherwise the
transceiver is turned completely off; every 5 to 30
seconds the VX-6R/E will turn itself back on and
check for activity on the current operating
frequency. If no activity
is found, the radio will
go back to sleep for
another 5 to 30 seconds