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GP 628 Plus


The Motorola GP628 Plus non-keypad radio, is one of the toughest from Motorola Professional Series to date. Rated IP67* dust-tight and water submersible, the radio is also resistant to knocks and drops. Lightweight and compact, the GP628 Plus has received Factory Mutual (FM) Approval and meets Military Standard (MIL) 810C,D, E and F.

Palm-sized and easy-to-use, any emergency-response team or fleet will be able to familiarise themselves quickly with the GP628 Plus. Its intuitive layout and programmable buttons offer fast responsiveness in emergency situations. Time saved equals lives saved.


 16 Channels

Assign up to 16 channels for easy organisation of different work groups.

LED Battery Gauge

An easily visible tri-colour battery gauge at the top of the radio provides battery level status at a glance. Green indicates a full battery; amber means half-full and red is a signal to recharge the battery.

Tone Tagging

Allows assignment of 8 different ring tones to 8 specific users or talkgroups, for audio identification of these groups.

Advanced Audio Technology

Motorola’s voice compression and low level expansion technology enable crisp, clear and loud audio, keeping communications lines clear during critical missions.


  • Supports MDC1200 signalling, Quick Call signalling and DTMF signalling
  • By pressing the emergency button in critical situations, the radio will emit a piercing alarm/siren; providing users with instant help alerts.
  • Switchable RF Power Levels: users can adjust the radio’s transmitting power according to the user environments, offering maximum coverage and battery conservation.
  • Tri-colour LED battery gauge at the top of the radio indicates battery level status at a glance.
  • Tone Tagging allows 8 different ringing tones to be assigned to 8 specific users or talkgroups making audio caller identification to these 8 groups possible
  • Repeater/Talkaround Enable/Disable allows users to enjoy long-range communications via a repeater, or bypass it to communicate point-to-point.
  • Tight/Normal Squelch feature enhances audio clarity by filtering unwanted interference.

*Dust-tight and water submersible are tested as per criteria in IEC(International Electrontechnical Commission) 60529 IP67

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
101.5 mm x 56.5mm x 37mm
No display
Emergency button
Weight (with standard battery)
305 gms (with LiIon battery)
Performance Characteristics
Battery life (standby)
10 hours at 5:5:90 cycle with LiIon (Hicap) battery at High Power, 13 hours at 5:5:90 cycle with LiIon (Hicap) battery at Low Power
Frequency range
136 – 174 MHz/ 330 – 400 MHz/ 403 – 470 MHz/ 450 – 527MHz