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Dimetra Express


DIMETRA Express is a flexible TETRA system. By integrating the switch and base radios in a one-box or modular system it’s quick and easy to set up, deploy, and manage your communications. You simplify everyday operations while reducing costs and complexity over the long term. 

Quickly integrate DIMETRA Express into your network, provision multiple subscribers, and complete installation easily using browser-based apps and tools. Once it’s up and running, DIMETRA Express is easy to manage and operate through web-based network management and dispatch applications. 

DIMETRA Express offers the voice, short data, packet data and telephony services your teams demand.


Fully integrated system. With the switch and base radios integrated in a one-box or modular system, DIMETRA Express is easy to setup and install.


It features a small physical footprint, so it requires less space and power, and has fewer components. The result? You reduce total cost of ownership, and focus on your business instead of your communications system.

Full TETRA capability. Organisations today demand more than just talk. They require many types of voice and data communications to get the job done. That’s why DIMETRA Express TETRA System enables voice, short data, packet data and multi slot packet data, and telephony services.


You get loud and clear voice communications for safe day-to-day operations. Text messaging for times when your team needs quick information. Enhanced operational scope and efficiency with packet data. And the ability to make VoIP telephone calls outside the network, such as calls to other locations or organisations, senior management, or emergency services.

Simple, intuitive setup. Using a single IP address, you can quickly integrate DIMETRA Express into your existing network. And with bulk provisioning of subscribers, you can set up radio users in no time. What’s more, DIMETRA Express is ready for the future. All it takes is a single click to upgrade the system software.

Web-based applications. System management is easy using web-based tools, including a system health monitor, radio control manager and simple dispatch application. 


All you need is a PC or tablet running Android™ or Windows® and a Google Chrome browser. Then enjoy support for web-based text messaging, which allows teams to send short or pre-set messages that boost efficiency in the field.

Expandable,flexible architectureDIMETRA Express is designed to expand as your needs do. Easily add base radios to a site and get additional channels for more capacity. 


Or add another site to broaden your coverage area. You can even deploy the system as a temporary solution—whether for an event or in an emergency—changing frequencies and adding new subscribers so radios stay connected and working. In addition DIMETRA Express can interoperate with WAVE PTX enabling users to communicate and collaborate with users outside of LMR coverage.

Robust, reliable communications. As a world leader in TETRA, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are integrated and tested together – from switches and base stations to radios and accessories.


Robust and reliable, you can depend on DIMETRA communications to be there for your team when they’re needed the most. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind through world-class product quality and support. We also provide a Security Update Service to keep your system safe from current cyber security threats.


DIMETRA Express MTS1 and Express Server: 1 – 2 Base Radios (4 – 8 Time Slots) DIMETRA Express MTS2: 1 Base Radio (4 Time Slots)
DIMETRA Express MTS4: 1 – 3 Base Radios (4 – 12 Time Slots)
DIMETRA Express Standalone System

Physical Dimensions [HxDxW]:
MTS1: 0.597m x 0.206m x 0.263m
MTS2: 0.61m x 0.48m x 0.45m
MTS4: 1.43m x 0.57m x 0.55m
Express Server: 0.079m x 0.175m x 0.260m

MTS1: 25.5 Kg (excluding mounting bracket and Express Server)
MTS2: Approx. 45 Kg
MTS4: Approx. 148 Kg
Express Server: Approx. 3.8 Kg

Download: dimetra_express_spec_sheet_global