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Dimetra™ LiTE


Leveraging on Motorola’s IP-based Dimetra architecture designed for mission-critical environment, Dimetra LiTE extends the mission critical benefits to enterprise users such as hotels, resorts, campuses, manufacturing, small seaports and airports as well as oil and gas industries.

Supported by Motorola’s complete suite of TETRA base stations and radios, customers are assured of product quality and performance.

•Low cost of ownership

Easy to use, install, upgrade, maintain,designed with business critical users in mind.

User-friendly web-based interface.

Flexible mounting options.

Reuse of existing IT infrastructure.

Easy integration with telephony systems for full duplex calls.

•Dimetra Intelligence

Based on mature and proven Dimetra IP intelligence

Leverages proven Dimetra IP architecture for consistent superior performance.

Local site trunking intelligence.

Pre-emptive capabilities such as call back features.

Integrated trunked voice, short data and telephony service.

Automated fast call setup.


Robust and reliable.  Local switch intelligence and redundancy in base stations

Highly robust and resilient.

Base radio redundancy.

MTS site controller redundancy.

Automatic RF interference detection and correction.

Backup control channel.

•Ease of Migration 

Easy to migrate to digital from analogue (Smartnet/LTR/MPT1327)

Progressive migration to digital trunking TETRA network.

Minimum disruption to existing analogue conventional users.

Optimises mixed mode communications.

Ease of deployment and maintenance.

Protection of investments.