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MOTOTRBO Control Station

These control station accessories allow you to convert XiR M8260, XiR M8268, XiR M8270 and XiR M8228 mobile two-way radios into convenient base stations.

This makes an ideal communication solution for transportation, manufacturing,construction and public safety users.

Control station accessories

  • RMN5050 Desktop Microphone. Black. Makes transmission easier for base station users because the mobile microphone does not always have to be picked up. Large Push-to-Talk button.
  • GLN7318 Desktop Tray Without Speaker. Ideal for securing mobile in place in a desktop environment.
  • RSN4005 Desktop Tray with Speaker. Ideal for securing mobile in place in a desktop environment. Includes speaker for increased volume when receiving calls in high-noise areas.

Power accessories

  • HPN4008 Power Supply, 1-25W, for low power radios. Power cord included.
  • HPN4007 Power Supply, 25-60W, for low power radios. Power cord included.
  • GPN6145 Switchmode Power Supply, 1-25W Has provision for back-up battery hook-up.
  • GKN6266 Power Supply Cable. Power cable for switchable power supply GPN6145.

External loudspeakers

  • RSN4002 13W External Speaker
  • RSN4003 7.5W External Speaker
  • RSN4004 5W External Speaker
  • RLN6257# 6W Public Address Speaker with Cable. (Weather Resistant)