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Audio Accessories

Motorola’s range of audio accessories integrates perfectly with the radio to provide a personalized two-way radio solution. Built to highest quality standards, Motorola accessories are specially engineered to ensure maximum performance of your radio.

  • Two-wire kits have one wire for receiving transmissions and one wire with a combined microphone and push-to-talk.
  • Three-wire kits feature separate wires for receiving transmissions, push-to-talk and microphone. PMLN


PMLN5727 – Earpiece with in-line Microphone PTT
PMLN5733 – Earbud with in-line Microphone PTT MAGONE
PMLN7269 – 2 Wire Surveillance Kit With Transparent Tube




These public safety microphones are specially designed to cancel ambient noise during transmission. The integrated antenna provides additional antenna height for a better radiation pattern. Ideal for public safety, eg. Patrol police and emergency services. Plug in the optional receive-only earpiece to enjoy confidential listening without broadcasting the message.



Remote speaker microphone provides greater operational flexibility to transmit and receive messages without removing the radio from the belt or carrying case. These small remote speaker microphones boast a revolutionary windporting feature that provides clear communication even in high winds and other severe weather conditions. Wind noise is lessened, and audio can pass through the speaker grill even when the microphone port is blocked by water, enhancing a user’s confidence of clear, understandable communication when Mother Nature is uncooperative. Suitable for public safety, manufacturing, logistics and service industries operating in high wind environments.


  • PMLN4694 Remote Speaker Microphone (IP54)
  • PMMN4021 Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack (IP54)
  • PMMN4027 Remote Speaker Microphone (IP57)


The Heavy Duty Remote Speaker Microphone is designed with an exceptionally rugged housing for rugged work environments, and comes with a Hi/Lo Volume Control for quick and easy access to volume control.

Also boasting the windporting feature, it is ideal for firefighters, police and other public safety professionals. The large housing is beneficial for users needing to access the radio while wearing gloves.

  • PMMN4044 Heavy Duty Remote Speaker Microphone with Hi/Lo Volume Control (IP57)


The Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone is designed to cancel out ambient noise during transmission. Suitable for use in high ambient noise environments. The large housing is beneficial for users needing to access the radio while wearing gloves.

  • PMMN4039 Noise Cancelling Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm Audio Jack (IP54)


Standard earpiece/earset provides hands-free mobility that matches your business budget. It also enhances the level of professionalism and image that customers expect from any organisation. It is suitable for users in retail, hotel, catering, hospitality and catering services.

  • PMLN4418 Earbud with combined Microphone / Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • PMLN4653 D-hook Earset with flexible Microphone tube
  • PMLN5000 D-Shell Earpiece with Combined Microphone/Push-To-Talk (PTT)

Small earpiece that fits comfortably to the ear to ensure private conversations without being overheard. A clip-on thumb style, compact Microphone/PTT allows users easy access to conduct conversations.


The Flexible Ear Receiver contains a flexible ear-loop and speaker and rests external to the ear. Receive only.

  • ENMN4013 Flexible Ear Receiver
  • 7580372E11 Replacement Foam Ear Cushions


Surveillance kits are unobtrusively designed, making them the ideal audio accessories for effective communication in covert operations. Most suitable for security forces, special intelligence, military, law enforcement and public safety.


Surveillance kits come in beige or black colours and can be easily concealed and camouflaged to allow discrete communications. The earpiece is designed with expandable flexibility for use with optional accessories (noise kits/wireless discrete earpiece) to enhance discrete and mission critical operations.

1-wire Surveillance Kits provide only listening capability making them suitable for users who only need to receive instructions/messages.

  • AZRMN4021 1-wire surveillance earpiece (Biege)
  • AZRMN4028 1-wire surveillance earpiece (Black)

2-wire Surveillance Kits are equipped with combined microphone and PTT in a single housing for receiving and transmission of messages.

  • AZRMN4022 2-wire surveillance earpiece with combined microphone/PTT (Biege)
  • AZRMN4029 2-wire surveillance earpiece with combined microphone/PTT (Black)
  • PMLN4607 2-wire surveillance kit with clear acoustic earpiece (not compatible with Noise Kits and Wireless Discrete Earpiece below)

3-wire Surveillance Kits come with a separate earpiece, microphone and a remote palm PTT that make them versatile and convenient for users to wear and communicate without being seen.

  • ENMN4017 3-wire surveillance earpiece with separate microphone and Palm PTT (Beige)
  • ENMN4014 3-wire surveillance earpiece with separate microphone and Palm PTT (Black)