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Motorola provides a full range of accessories like batteries, chargers, headsets, speakers and more to help you communicate with the rest of your team..

Handy Talky Suppliers in Cambodia, Laos & Singapore


Nowadays communicating to somebody is not at all a difficult task. All communication means are enhanced day to day for better communication facilities. We to believe in trendy technology and style that is best utilized in the market. So we manufacture best handy talkie that would be an easy way of communication. Its battery life is more than other communication devices plus keypad and without keypad handy talkies are available with us. Raw material we utilize for our production is best for its quality and charges offered are also suitable to all.

Our market value has increased because of our quality work done with charges that are affordable to every customer. We have all necessary attachments with our handy talkie that is required for its maintenance and communication. Battery is very physically powerful and consumes less which is the best feature in it.  Another feature that is also very impressive is its light weight that makes it a portable device. It covers a large area with maximum speed and accuracy. The messages are conveyed properly with no hurdles and cross talk in between. The voice is very clear to maximum length with less battery usage. We have a large handy walkie talkie distribution in Cambodia with reasonable shipping charges that would be easily affordable by the customers. We best supply is products all over Cambodia and offer discount at occasions. Not only Cambodia but Laos is also best for its services. Online delivery is also available with orders increment each time. Laos and Singapore both supply walkie talkie products in huge quantity that is delivered within



GP 3188    
The GP3188 is Motorola’s latest portable Two-Way Radio, featuring extended talktime of 19 hours on low power and 14 hours on high power for high productivity. The lightweight and ergonomically designed radio comes with new Battery Latch Lock Features that keeps the power source firmly fastened to the radio, allowing continuous communication. It also offers crystal clear audio to users in security, hospitality, manufacturing and construction industries.
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