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Walkie Talkie Rental

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Walkie talkie radio Supplier in Cambodia, Laos & Singapore


We are also one of the leading Walkie talkie radio suppliers in Cambodia manufactures the greatest possible results that would definitely satisfy our customers. If you are willing to buy our product, we will definitely demonstrate the advantages and drawbacks before you. We never hide anything at any circumstances that will spoil our relationship with our customers.

We cater quality equipment and bring the latest devices that have magnificent configuration and long lasting availability. We have gone through huge positive outcomes for our manufacturing and delivery services. We wish to explore our products all over Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and other parts of the world too.

Singapore and Laos have great membership in terms of work environment. Manufacturers proudly speak about the latest technology that caters huge responses with profitability measures. Walkie talkie radio Laos achieve the latest trendy measure with no obstacles at the run time and deliberately show the consequences that would make our brand more popular technically and physically.

Our experts deliver products safely to the destination as discussed by the customer. We also provide insurance facilities at the time of shipping. We reach to you at the exact time frame as mentioned.

We have our carry cases for the accessories that keep them safe at the time of shipping. We too believe in safety and secure work and maintain an environment of work sincerity and satisfaction.

For customers who do not require full purchase investment, TCE recognizes that Radio Rental helps to manage your capital expenditure and maintenance cost. By taking advantage of our economies of scale and therefore our extensive inventory of rental radios, we believed that we are the vendor you are seeking for Radio Rental.

Ranging from Commercial Tier and Analog Professional Radios, to Digital Tier Radios, we focused on supporting you with the right products and on-time delivery at great rental rates.

We offer monthly, weekly, and even daily rates, as well as customer service, and technical support onsite or standby, for applications as follows:

• Trade shows and Conventions;
• Parade, Fairs or Festivals;
• Concerts and Entertainment;
• Petrochemical Refinery maintenance shutdown or turnarounds;
• School and Church outings;
• Security Operations;
• Transportation / Travel services;
• Golf Tournaments;
• Athletic or Sporting Events

If your company is organising any of applications and considering radio rentals, TCE is here to assist. Just contact our rental specialist to discuss your requirements and find the best solution to fit your needs.

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